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February 18th, 2019|

Maca, which is also known as Peruvian Ginseng, is a medicinal plant with excellent aphrodisiac properties. Indeed, the ancient civilization of Incas considered it a sacred plant and used it to enhance fertility and [...]

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Epimedium plant

February 18th, 2019|

The myth says that the name of the plant (Horny goad weed) comes from a shepherd who noticed that his goats were more sexually active as soon as they were chewing the leaves of [...]

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Epimedium Macun

February 18th, 2019|

EPIMEDIUM MACUN is a 100% natural product based on the gifts of nature. A herbal aphrodisiac that on the one hand, offers results similar to those of the chemical pills and on the other, [...]