Epimedium Macun – 2*10g

//Epimedium Macun – 2*10g

Epimedium Macun – 2*10g


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Natural herbal mix paste with aphrodisiac properties.
Two stickers of 10g

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Epimedium macun is a 100% natural aphrodisiac product based on the gifts of nature. A herbal aphrodisiac that on the one hand, offers results similar to those of the chemical pill and on the other, relieves risk stress and the possible negative effects from the famous blue pill. The main ingredient of the product is epimedium, a natural aphrodisiac herb called in Chinese Yin Yang Huo, i.e. the herb that balances the Yin and Yang.

Additional information

Weight35 g

How to use

  • Keep in dry and cool places less than 18°
  • Expire date printed on the cap
  • Mix them before consumption

Recommended dosage,  ½ to 1 teaspoon 30-40 minutes before the procedure.


Glucose syrup, Straine flower honey, Mulberry molasses, Pollen, Epimedium sp. (0,79%), Carob, Oat, Ginger, Lesser galangal, Cinnamon, Maca, American ginseng, Nettle, Siberian ginseng, Ginkgo biloba, Red Ginseng, Pumpkin, Tribilus Terrestris, Cola nut, Vanilla flavor, Royal jelly.

Nutrition Facts

Energy354 kcal28,3 kcal
Saturated Fat0,31g0,02g
Trans Fat<0,05%<0,05%
Dietary Fiber3,73%3,73%

1 review for Epimedium Macun – 2*10g

  1. Daniel P.

    Very good idea to make in stickers. it’s good on the go. Same effective as the jars. Good idea guys.

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